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Frequently Asked Questions

The Board of Directors is established in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions to act as the governing body responsible for making decisions, establishing policies, enforcing rules and regulations and deed and use restrictions and is responsible for the collection of assessments.

How do I report violations and maintenance requests?

Email our property management contact: Kathy Holbrook

Is there an HOA Fee? How do I pay?

Yes, the 2024 Annual HOA Fee is $138 and can be paid through the HOA portal.

What process is in place if I want to construct a fence, or do an addition of any type, including any type of structure or improvement, which is visible from the outside of my home.

You will need to submit an Architectural Review Form through the HOA portal. Download and complete the form. You can email it to Kathy Holbrook, Association Manager,  The Board will review your form and ask for any follow up information before approval. 

How can I view the financials, minutes, and other information which is not available to the public?

You can access these through the HOA portal. HERE

When is brush and leaf collection and are there recycling centers?

Bradford Hills is located within Area 6. Public Works offers collection four times per year. Please visit Public Work's brush and leaf collection webpage for up-to-date collection schedule and guidelines.

Nashville residents can dispose of excess residential trash, recyclables, and other waste items that are not accepted in our curbside trash and recycling program. Residents are limited to 2 visits per day. Visit the Public Works Convenience Centers for details.

How can I report a broken street light?

Report the broken street light on Nashville Electric Services (NES)'s outage website:

Who do I contact about mail delivery problems?

Mail for 37211 is delivered out of the Woodbine Station at 4112 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211  
Phone: (615) 315-0564 


Homeowners should report issues directly to (1) the mail carrier or (2) the postal station handling your mail.

Who do I contact to report a pothole?

It depends if it's a local road (our local roads) or state highway (Nolensville Rd). 


Local roads: Nashville Department of Public Works

  • To report a pothole on a metro road, please visit or call 311 (615-862-5000).

State Highways: TN Department of Transportation (TDOT)

Is the community connected via social media?

Yes! There's two Facebook pages you can connect to our community.

Bradford Hills HOA Official: Private page for BHHOA homeowners:

Bradford Hills / Holt Woods Community: Open discussion page for BHHOA and several neighboring HOAs

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