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Yard of the Month

How about being rewarded for a beautiful home and lot?  That’s right.  We want to reward and recognize homeowners who maintain their home’s exterior and lot.  Your property is a visual asset to the neighborhood.


October 2022
Wendi Ricketts & George Hoskinson

Congratulations to Wendi Ricketts and George Hoskinson for the October Yard of the Month. Wendi has lived here for 13 years. They have been busy redoing their landscape. 



September 2022
Loy and Ellen Fulford

Congratulations to Loy and Ellen Fulford for September Yard of the Month. They purchased their home in 2014. 


July 2022
The Brock's

Congratulations to Chad, Leslie and Ashley Brock for July Yard of the Month. Chad and Leslie moved in 2013, and Ashley bought her home in 2020. Both yards are kept to the highest standards and are great representatives for anyone in our neighborhood. Congrats to the Brock's.


July 2022
The Brock's

Congratulations to Chad, Leslie and Ashley Brock for July Yard of the Month. Chad and Leslie moved in 2013, and Ashley bought her home in 2020. Both yards are kept to the highest standards and are great representatives for anyone in our neighborhood. Congrats to the Brock's.


June 2022
John and Darlene Duke

Congratulations to Darlene and John Duke' for June Yard of the Month. They've lived in the neighborhood for over 24 years. Besides maintaining a wonderful yard they decorate the property for all seasons. Congrats Darlene and John.


May 2022
Linda Shepard

Congratulations to Linda Shepherd for the May Yard of the Month. She has lived in the Bradford Hills subdivision for 24 years.


September 2021
Ron and Loni Sparks

Congratulations to Ron and Loni Sparks for September Yard of the Month. They have lived in the Bradford Hills subdivision for 21 years.


August 2021
Diane Rosenberry

Diane Rosenberry is the recipient of August 2021’s “Yard of the Month!” Diane has lived here for 14 years. 


July 2021
Tim and Linda

Tim and Linda Willaims are the recipients of July 2021’s “Yard of the Month!” During the Covid shutdown, Linda redid the front landscape and created a beautiful perennial garden in the back.


June 2021
Bruce and Ann Edwards

Bruce and Ann Edwards are the recipients of June 2021’s “Yard of the Month!” They have been original owners of their home on Cobble.


May 2021
Behi and Veda Hamidy

Behi and Veda Hamidy are the recipients of May 2021’s “Yard of the Month!” They were the fourth house built in Bradford Hills and are really nice people to meet. They maintain the yard and beds themselves and love plants.


October 2020

Anthony and Karen Graham

Anthony and Karen Graham are the recipients of this month’s distinction of “Yard of the Month!” The Grahams have lived in our community since April, 1996 and truly love our neighborhood! It definitely shows with the care and time that they put into their yard!


August 2020

Darin and Cheri Haberman

The Habermans moved to Bradford Hills on July 4, 2012. They are originally from Kansas! Cheri and Darin enjoy working on their landscaping adding many beautiful touches to please the eye! Luke, their Boxer, proudly watches as they labor!


July 2020

Clyde & La Jean Tietze

Clyde and La Jean are the original owners, building their home in 1992. Their beautifully kept yard and home is located in the curve of a cul-de-sac, adding a lovely touch to our community! Clyde works especially hard during these hot summer months to keep his lawn and shrubbery meticulous! It is quite a peaceful and tranquil setting!


June 2020

Clyde & Paula Bright

Clyde and Paula have been a proud part of our neighborhood since June of 1998! They go above and beyond to add beauty to our community! After visiting with Clyde and Paula for the better part of an hour, I can honestly say that the care they give to their yard and home extends to the way they embrace others! Their three adorable dogs, Roxie, Bones, and Rocket, are also extremely welcoming! 


May 2020

Marsha Lenham

Marsha is an original owner, joining our wonderful community in February of 1995! She has been helping to spread beauty to the landscape of our neighborhood for 25 years! 


November 2019

Sam & Wanda Green

Sam and Wanda are original owners and had their house built from the ground up! They moved from Michigan into this growing community on September 23, 1993! They were the first house in their cul-de-sac and have seen many changes throughout the neighborhood over the years! I am sure you will agree their yard is beautiful with such a lovely setting in the cul-de-sac! 


October 2019

Phil & Jacquelyn Hiemer

The Hiemers moved to our community in August 2018 and have since made many beautiful improvements to their home and yard! They have a wonderful garden along the side of their house, which has proven to be very productive! How awesome is that?! Phil is very much into Halloween and, if you look closely, you can see the beginning of his decorations! 


September 2019

Nancy & Dennis DeMay

The DeMays have been adding to the beauty of our community since July of 1999. Dennis diligently built the walls around their landscaping so Nancy could proudly showcase her gardening skills!! How stunning!! Nancy started, and continues to manage, our neighborhood Facebook page, allowing all of us to stay connected socially!


August 2019

Lonnie Peddle

Mrs. Peddle is an original homeowner of Bradford Hills, moving into her new home on November 30, 1990! Almost 29 years of love and care have been poured into her beautiful yard and it is extremely evident! I would like to extend my gratitude to Mrs. Peddle for the lovely addition to our community! 


July 2019

Kenney & Shelia Snipes

Kenney and Sheila have lived in Bradford Hills since January 1996! They thoroughly enjoy working in their yard and the love and care that they put into it is extremely apparent! If you are out for an evening walk, stop and say hi to Kenney and Shelia as they are usually outside watering and such! 

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