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Common Area Maintenance Update

The Board would also like to make everyone aware of the work that will begin this week in our common areas. The work that is to begin is at the direction of Metro Water Services or a finding of need by the HOA Board and has been in the works for more than a year. One of the areas to be worked on is behind 1425 Fallview Trail and 1512 Round Hill Court. The area behind 1425 Fallview Trail is a drainage flume that has long needed repair. The area behind 1512 Round Hill Court is a head wall that needs repair. The next large work area will be behind 6133 Bradford Hill Drive. The detention basins earth structure and outflow area have some major repair work that needs to be addressed. Finally, the drainage ditch behind 6116 Bradford Hills Drive (finding of need) will need to be reshaped so that runoff will be directed correctly down the ditch.

All of the project work and more will be discussed at the Annual meeting. The Board will be working with the homeowners that will be affected by the project work as needed. Also, the work areas may contain equipment or material that could be considered dangerous, so please be respectful not to interfere while under construction


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