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Governing Documents

Governing Documents

Charter (“Articles”) and Bylaws 


Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (“CCRs” or “Declarations”)
Declarations (CCR)

Deeds of Conveyance – Sewer/Water Mains
Deed of Conveyance for Sewer and Water Mains


Deeds for Open Space

Deeds for Open Space

Easements – Sanitary Sewers and/or Storm Drains
Dedication of Easements for Sanitary Sewers and/or Storm Drains


Plats and Plat Corrections
Plat and Plat Corrections

Stormwater Detention Agreement with Metro 
Stormwater Detention Agreement


Fence Policy
2014 Fence Policy

Enforcement and Fine Policies
2020 Notice, Fine and Enforcement Policy (Adopted June 2020)

2016 Rental, Leasing, and Homesharing Policy

Parking Regulations

Parking Policy

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