Nolensville Rd Widening

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Nolensville Rd is also State Route 11

Under the most recent designs (Feb 2015) the following overhead views of the front entrance to Bradford Hills at Nolensville Rd shows that they will include three exits lanes and maintain one inbound lane on Bradford Hills Drive.  Both front monuments will be taken in the widening project.  It appears that the dry cleaner end (east end) of the strip center will be taken – it will be seen if the remainder of the building continues.)  It only appears that two BH property owners will be directly impacted by the finished project.

Line_Drawing_BH_Dr_at_SR11_ver_2015-02-05 Colored_Drawing_BH_Dr_at_SR11_ver_2015-02-05 Aerial_Photo_BH_Dr_at_SR11_ver_2015-02-05

The following documents (ROW) were distributed at the 3-3-2016 TDOT public meeting on right-of-way acquisition.

TDOT_ROW_brochure_2016-03-03_mtg TDOT_ROW_brochure_2016-03-03_mtg-page-1_of_2 TDOT_ROW_brochure_2016-03-03_mtg-page-2_of_2TDOT_ROW_brochure_2016-03-03_mtg