Nolensville Rd Project

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Nolensville Rd widening  (Jan 2017 Update)
The TN Department of Transportation is in the appraisal and acquisition process for Phase I (North of Mill Creek to SR-254 Old Hickory Blvd). Pending the availability of construction funding, Phase I is anticipated to begin construction in the fourth quarter of 2018. Construction of Phase I is anticipated to take a minimum of two years. The Department will begin the appraisal and acquisition process for Phase II (South of Burkitt Road at the county line to North of Mill Creek) while construction of Phase I is ongoing. The Department is continuing with the development of Phase II ROW plans at this time. A public design meeting has been scheduled internally by the Department for March 2, 2017. This meeting will allow members of the community to learn about Phase II of the project and provide comments and concerns. Additional details concerning the meeting and public notices will be issued in the coming weeks.


State Route 11 (Nolensville Rd Expansion Project)

UPDATE (3-9-2016): Nolensville Rd expansion project. TDOT held a meeting on March 3 to discuss the next phase of the project, which is “Right-of-Way” (ROW) acquisition.
The attached brochure outlines the procedure TDOT follows to acquire ROW or easements on proposed projects. At the time of last week’s neighborhood meeting, the first phase of SR-11 was funded for ROW appraisals only. I have just learned that the Federal Highway Administration has approved and set aside funding for acquisition of ROW for this project. TDOT is currently negotiating with consultant fee appraisers to contract for appraisal services. These contracts are expected to be finalized soon. Once finalized, appraisal and acquisition work will begin. Due to the number of tracts involved on this project, ROW acquisition is expected to take approximately 2 years to complete. TDOT now anticipates construction of Phase I (northern 2 mi stretch of Nolensville Rd) to start the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.

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