HOA Provided Street Lights

In Bradford Hills, the street lights are paid for by your HOA dues.  We have a contract with NES for the installation and maintenance of all street lights which we pay monthly.  Information about reporting a problem with the street lights is under “SERVICE PROVIDERS” and not government services. Street lights in the GSD are privately paid for by residents, not provided thru tax dollars.  For information on how to report a malfunctioning street light go to => http://www.bradfordhillshomes.com/serviceproviders/street-light-malfunctioning/

Bradford Hills is located in the General Services District (GSD).  This separation of the tax districts goes back to the merger of city and county government.  On June 28, 1962, the voters of the city and the county voted in favor of the creation of Metropolitan government.  Metropolitan government was implemented on April 1, 1963.