Mail Delivery Problems

USPS_delivery_DriverRecently, on social media, it was reported in a nearby neighborhood that people were having delivery problems.  In Feb 2016, one of our homeowners expressed a similar problem and asked if the HOA could do anything.

Although not an HOA issue, we did contact a former USPS-Nashville employee and he provided some thoughts and suggestions.  The key issue is for the homeowner to report the issues directly to (1) the mail carrier, or (2) the postal station handling your mail.  Mail for 37211 is delivered out of the Woodbine Station at 4112 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211  Phone: (615) 315-0564 

I don’t recall my entire question to him, part of it was seeing a truck drive past the house, part of it was the flag was up with outgoing mail, but by 5 PM it hadn’t been picked up.  Here is a summary of his response.

I may be able to answer a few questions.

The Mail that is sorted by machines, tries to sort it by the zip plus 4 number.  The 4 number is a block face, often one side of a street within a block,  and it is not always in order.   So the postman may miss having it in order for each house.  This is why you probably see him out there flipping through the mail at each house.   At least I do.   This is for letter-size mail.

Parcels would be sorted separately and probably in a separate container that he has to check on it.  This may be why he needs to go back and deliver it and then drive back to where he was.

There should be no reason for them to not to stop and pick up mail at a box with the flag up.    Maybe in a hurry but not a good excuse.

One can complain to the station manager at one you listed.  I have made a few visits there when working for the PO.   His office should be the door in the area where you buy stamps.  That what is used to be for.   If there is a repeated problem with a carrier they need to know about in order to improve their service quality.    Most carriers probably only work 5 days a week so there will be someone different to make up the 6th day.   Also, if a carrier is sick/ on vacation there may be someone delivering mail that is not familiar with the route.

   If enough people report specific difficulties, service problems may be resolved.