Solicitation – Aggressive Solicitors

Do you want to reduce the number of solicitors at your home?

Resident Owners or Lawful Occupants

If you are an owner or lawful occupant of any residence within the area of the metropolitan government, you may register the address online by completing the form below.

The Metro list of no knock residences will be updated every thirty days.

*Each residential address will remain on the Metro list until the address expires 365 days from the date it is submitted.  After 365 days, the owner or lawful occupant must re-submit the address to the Metropolitan Clerk’s website in order to be placed back on the no solicitation list.*

Register Your Address at

Solicitation Permit holders are under a duty to check the No Solicitation List before soliciting and continuously thereafter.

Citizens Rights

  • You have the right to ask a solicitor for their identification badge.
  • An owner or lawful occupant may register their property for the “no knock” list. The address will be on the registry for 365 days.
  • You may post a “No Trespassing” or “No Solicitation” sign which is visible at your residence which prohibits all door-to-door solicitation whether they have a permit or not.
  • No action by a citizen (i.e. not registering or no signage) will result in door-to-door commercial solicitation by permitted solicitors.

Solicitation Permits

In Davidson County, any company conducting residential door-to-door solicitation of any goods, wares, merchandise, or services must first apply for a solicitation permit with the Metropolitan Clerk’s Office. These permits are valid for two years.

The complete Metro Code can be viewed here: Metropolitan Code §6.64

Davidson County Solicitation Permit Badge

Who is exempt?

  • Charitable organizations
  • Books sales or other expressive works
  • Newspaper or magazine subscriptions