Garage Sale Tips (for 1st Sat in May)

The Bradford Hills neighborhood -wide garage sale is planned for the first Sat in May again this year.  (Sat, May 2) Several other nearby neighborhoods will be holding sales the same day, so we hope to build on the traffic.

Here are some random comments that you may be interested in:

Just some curiosity. When you are shopping yard sales, what makes you stop and look or makes you continue driving? Do
You look for signs or just look online at sites for advertisement. What wording most catches your eyes? What intrigues you about a sale and what turns you off? Also, if you went to a sell and they were selling waters would you buy one?


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  • Jennifer Mumphery The way the items are organized and correct grammar in the wording on the signs are huge selling points for me.
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  • Mariah Vitier Are you more prone to stop if clothes are hung up vs piled?
  • Kim Stone Haines Hung up, and things organized with prices.
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  • Jennifer Mumphery Yes! If it appears the items are well taken care of from the street I’m more inclined to stop. If things are just piled up it looks like junk.
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  • Mariah Vitier Do you prefer items individually priced or if a sign read “dress shirts: $xx” etc?
  • Jennifer Mumphery As long as it’s signed with a price it’s great. I love a good yard sale haha.
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  • Mariah Vitier I do too, I’m not from Tennessee but yard sells here seem so different. So before I do one in trying to find out how people like this here haha
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  • Amy Sneed Hodge I wouldn’t buy a water.
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  • Mandi M. Lynch I won’t go if it looks like it is just clothes. Don’t care if there are clothes, but I need to see other stuff.
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  • Loretta Newcome I hate it when things are not priced because they are usually helping someone else and you can’t interrupt and ask for prices.
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  • Gala Spanogians Furniture always makes me @ least slow down.
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  • Jody Ridenour McQuiston Probably won’t stop if clothes aren’t hung. Definitely would buy bottle of water, unless it’s cheaper at the store. Though I mostly look for misc more than clothes, household items and such.
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  • Loran Roycraft Hill It’s actually quite rare that I would find something in my exact size I stop for furniture and well taken care of kids items and also ceramic pots and such if it’s all just thrown in the grass I probably won’t stop
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  • Wendy Kay Hardaway I won’t stop if clothes and stuff are laying on the ground or in boxes to dig thru. Organization is key. I would not buy water.
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  • Tandika Ortiz What size are you Loran? We are hoping to have a sale this sat or next. Good info for everyone. Thanks Mariah for the post.
  • Jill Regenia Hamilton Signs are a must!!!
  • Jill Regenia Hamilton with BIG arrows!!
    Sometimes on the water….depends on how much.
  • Annette Fitzpatrick Savage If it looks organized, and I’m more likely to stop
    if there’s a lot of stuff. I’d probably buy a water.
  • Missi Brown Emmert We always make great money at our yard sales but we take a lot of time to prepare. All clothing is hung, everything organized and priced. We advertise in the Mt. Juliet Chronicle and put signs up all over our neighborhood. We have never made under $500 and the most was $2,000. It takes a lot of work but if done right you can make a ton of money.
  • Amanda Baker I have been checking FB pages for yard sales. I stop if it looks organized, clean, and if there is furniture. Nothing I hate more than getting out and finding dirty piles of junk! Lol!
    • Amanda Cotton Willoughby Big ticket items at the front with no prices on them. That’s when I stop. LOL
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    • Chappel Burnley I keep driving when there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the setup. That & wondering if it’s a yard sale or a dump site. Lol
    • Angie Hatcher If it is hot and the bottled water is cold, I would pay a reasonable price