Planting (and removing) Trees

In Metro-Nashville, it is unlawful to remove a “protected tree” without first obtaining a Tree Removal Permit. Protected trees are trees six (6”) inches or more in diameter on any property other than a property platted for a 1 or 2 family residential development. Removal of protected trees may create the necessity for the planting of ‘replacement trees’ based on an acceptable tree plan provided at the time of issuance of a Tree Removal Permit. (You may be able to get exemption from this after discussing with Metro Urban Forester – Codes Dept)  The tree removal penalty will be determined by the Environmental Court Judge.

Please check with Metro website (or Codes Dept) to obtain the current listing of (1) any needed permits and (2) the list of recommended and prohibited tree species  (PLEASE NOTE:  Bradford Pear trees are on the prohibited list last time we checked).

Annual Dues Notice

Click here to download the current annual dues notice  BHHOA_2015_Dues_Notice

This dues notice was mailed to all property owners on Tues, Nov 11, 2014

Annual dues are payable in advance for the following calendar year.

Be sure to take advantage of the early payment discount by paying your dues by Monday, December 15, 2014.

Street Sweeping Schedule for December 2014


Street Sweeping Schedule for December 2014

The next street sweeping is scheduled for Fri, Dec 19, 2014 in our neighborhood. Be sure to keep your vehicles and trash cans off the street, especially that day. Actual day they perform this service may vary due to weather.

MWS (Metro Water Services) conducts street sweeping to remove debris from our streets and prevent it from entering our storm drains. Storm drains lead straight to the nearest creek or stream and are meant for rainwater only. The street sweeping schedule is posted on the Nashville Water Service site, in the “NEWS” section, and updated monthly.

For questions about this schedule, please contact Metro Water Services Customer Services Center (615) 862-4600 Option 4.

Schedule Subject To Change.