Trash Haulers servicing Bradford Hills

Trash_Can_Wheeled_genericWe would like to update our list (especially for new residents) of trash haulers and curbside recyclers that service our neighborhood. If you have a service other than these, would you please respond with the company name, a phone number or other contact info and your address where you get service. Feel free to email Peter at

Here is a list of the known service providers to our neighborhood.  Please verify current pricing and service options with the vendor.  The BHHOA makes NOT recommendation on the trash disposal company you choose.  The information provided below was believed to be correct at the time it was published, but we make no warranty as to it’s accuracy.  We suggest you do your own due diligence, speak with neighbors who use the service, check online sources, etc.

(1) Hudgins, 615-228-6331, $45/qtr., weekly pick-up on Tuesday,
also has recycling option (total $72/qtr …recycle bins picked up on the 1st/3rd Tuesday).

(2) Clean Earth, 615-794-7599 (no info on pick-up schedule or pricing).