Nolensville Rd “Improvement” Road Project

Nolensville Road Project has been “in the works” since at least 2006.

The existing roadway is primarily two lanes.  The proposed improvements will widen the existing roadway to a five lane highway, including two 12 foot travel lanes in each direction, a 12 foot continuous turning lane, 10 foot paved shoulders/bike lanes, curb and gutter, and 5 foot sidewalks on each side.

Public meetings discouraging the development of the Holt Rd Apts (in Jan 2013) until road improvements are made seemed to get this project back in the running, but public meetings planned for Spring 2014 were postponed with little indication that work was imminent.

You may follow the official webpage for this project at:

Here is the text of an e-mail that was received Nov 18, 2014

“The Nolensville Road widening project is still in development.  It has been decided by TDOT Administration to divide the project into two sections due to the significant cost to purchase right-of-way and to relocate utility lines within the entire 4.4 mile project area.  The two sections are:

South of Burkitt Road to north of Mill Creek, Williamson-Davidson Counties (1.9 miles)

North of Mill Creek to near Old Hickory Blvd, Davidson County (2.4 miles)

Each section will be developed under a separate schedule; therefore two separate public meetings will be conducted for each project section.

More detailed information regarding this change is forthcoming.  We ask for your patience as we work through this complex process.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Darrell K. Moore, MPA
Project Manager 2
TDOT Project Management Division


Brush & Leaf Collection – Dec 2014

Next Metro Brush pick-up is scheduled to start in Bradford Hills on Wed, Dec 10, 2014. Limbs and brush should be placed in YOUR YARD, near, but NOT IN, the street.  Leaves and small brush should be placed in paper biodegradable bags – which are available from grocery or hardware stores.  Brush in plastic bags WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.  For more info go to:

You can sign-up for your own e-mail alerts (up to 4 weeks in advance) to be notified of the scheduled start date.  Go to   Email notifications are sent to brush subscribers based on your preference when enrolling or managing your account. Subscribers may choose one option and can be notified 7, 14, 21, or 30 days prior to their brush route is scheduled to begin.

Street Sweeping for November 2014

Street_Sweeper_Metro_ContractorThe next street sweeping is scheduled for Thurs, Nov 20, 2014 in our neighborhood. Be sure to keep your vehicles and trash cans off the street, especially that day. Actual day they perform this service may vary due to weather.

MWS (Metro Water Services) conducts street sweeping to remove debris from our streets and prevent it from entering our storm drains. Storm drains lead straight to the nearest creek or stream and are meant for rainwater only. The street sweeping schedule is posted on the Nashville Water Service site, in the “NEWS” section, and updated monthly.

Storm Water grates

Just wanted people to take a final look around at the storm water grates in the streets near their houses. We talked about this at the annual meeting. In the photos here, please not that the “dangerous” grate is the one pictured with the openings running parallel to the direction of the street – while the safer version is the one with the openings perpendicular to the flow of traffic (think bicycle tires!). If you have one near your house, please email us the address so we can sure it is reported to MWS for replacement. For more details, here is an injury settlement Metro is now making to yet another person injured. Stormwater-Grate_wrong_direction Storm Water grate - new in BH(from the Metro Council Agenda Analysis for the 11/4/14 meeting). PS: We would rather avoid the injury to one of our residents or visitors!

“RESOLUTION NO. RS2013-1282 (PRIDEMORE) – This resolution authorizes the department of law to compromise and settle the personal injury claim of Ian Mauldin against the Metropolitan Government for the amount of $15,000. On March 21, 2014, Mr. Mauldin was riding his bicycle on South 10th Street in East Nashville when his tire became stuck in a storm grate running parallel to the direction of traffic causing him to be thrown from the bike. Mr. Mauldin broke a finger and a tooth, cut his lip, and sustained bruises to his forearm and face. He was required to be in a cast on his left hand and forearm, and then needed a splint for another month after the cast was removed. His medical bills currently total $4,664, but he may need future dental work in the amount of $2,181 for the fractured tooth.
The department of law recommends settling this case for a total amount of $15,000 to be paid from the self-insured liability fund. As the council will recall, this is not the first settlement resulting from bicycling accidents caused by parallel storm grates. Metro water services (MWS) and Metro public works are actively working to remedy the problem countywide. The two departments have been implementing a policy since 2013 for changing out parallel grates on construction projects within the Metro right-of-way. Also, whenever an incident occurs, MWS immediately replaces the grate in question. Further, the stormwater division of MWS has two inspectors that are in the process of canvassing all of the grates to determine which ones need replacing. Over 1,700 grates have been identified in the past year. MWS is currently allocating $300,000 per year for the grate replacement program, and was able to replace 736 of the grates last fiscal year.

Ans as always, Contact your HOA, your Councilman, or appropriate Metro department if you see something dangerous in our neighborhood.

Trash Haulers servicing Bradford Hills

Trash_Can_Wheeled_genericWe would like to update our list (especially for new residents) of trash haulers and curbside recyclers that service our neighborhood. If you have a service other than these, would you please respond with the company name, a phone number or other contact info and your address where you get service. Feel free to email Peter at

Here is a list of the known service providers to our neighborhood.  Please verify current pricing and service options with the vendor.  The BHHOA makes NOT recommendation on the trash disposal company you choose.  The information provided below was believed to be correct at the time it was published, but we make no warranty as to it’s accuracy.  We suggest you do your own due diligence, speak with neighbors who use the service, check online sources, etc.

(1) Hudgins, 615-228-6331, $45/qtr., weekly pick-up on Tuesday,
also has recycling option (total $72/qtr …recycle bins picked up on the 1st/3rd Tuesday).

(2) Clean Earth, 615-794-7599 (no info on pick-up schedule or pricing).