Report Electric outages by phone or online

Coincidentally, in this morning’s paper (Oct 13, 2014)NES_users_Report_Outages_Online a story about reporting power outages online. Since about 50% of people with a cell phone have a smart phone, many still have internet access when the power goes out. Or call 615-234-0000. Or online at They have a pretty good power outage map and a helpful FAQ section.

Street Sweeping in October


The next street sweeping is scheduled for FRIDAY, October 24, 2014 in our neighborhood. Be sure to keep your vehicles and trash cans off the street, especially that day. Actual day they perform this service may vary due to weather.

MWS (Metro Water Services) conducts street sweeping to remove debris from our streets and prevent it from entering our storm drains. Storm drains lead straight to the nearest creek or stream and are meant for rainwater only. The street sweeping schedule is posted on the Nashville Water Service site, in the “NEWS” section, and updated monthly.