Fire Pits

During the Annual Meeting in June 2014, a discussion was raised about “open fires” and “fire pits” and the legality of each in Nashville/Davidson County. After the meeting we did a little research and found the following.

Per the Metro Fire Marshall office (615-862-5230), there is no “open burning” in Metro Nashville. (Open burning is simply defined as anything that does not go up a chimney/smoke stack – see

Some wonder how charcoal grills and gas grills would fall. Under the code followed in Davidson County, there is an exception for “cooking fires” or “recreational fires” (toasting marshmallows). If these fires are in a container, not more than 3′ in diameter, with a flame not more than 2′ tall. This appears to be where charcoal and gas grills come into play.

So if someone is “open burning” – even if in a firepit, and someone else smells unusual smoke or see unusual light/flames and calls 9-1-1 due to this fire, the fire department is required to respond and will either put out the fire or require the homeowner/ resident to put it out.