Fall (November) Newsletter mailed

The Fall (November) newsletter was mailed the week of November 12-16 and arrived in neighborhood mailboxes November 19, 2018.

A copy of the dues notice was included as a separate page in the mailing with the fall newsletter.  If you need an additional copy of the newsletter, please download the current issue from:


2019 Dues Notice Mailed

The 2019 Annual Dues Notice was mailed the week of November 12-16 and arrived in neighborhood mailboxes November 19, 2018.  Dues remained unchanged for 2019, and the early payment discount is still in place for those who pay by Dec 15, 2018.  The Annual dues payment is due annually on January 1, and homeowners late in paying (not received before Feb 1)  will be charged interest from Jan 1.

A copy of the dues notice was included in the mailing with the fall newsletter.  If you need an additional copy, please download the current dues notice from:

Annual Dues Invoices

If you have any further questions, please email or call our Property Manager.

Contact Information

Due to recent internet issues, our Property Manager has suggested if you get an error message when contacting him by email using his work address (DFloydAsoc.com), that you use his personal address.  Substitute “Comcast . net” for DFloydAsoc.com.  – As a matter of policy, we do not publish personal email addresses on our website.

You can always get a message to him via Property Manager @ BradfordHillsHomes . com or see our “Contact Us” page for mailing addresses and telephone numbers.

2018 Annual Meeting – Thurs, May 3


The 2018 Bradford Hills Annual Homeowners Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the Chapel at the rear of Tusculum Church of Christ. Registration starts at 6:10 PM.

We request your participation at this important Annual Meeting. We need a quorum in order to conduct business and hold an official election. If you will be unable to attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting in-person, please complete and return the proxy included with USPS mailing to each homeowner of record the first week of April.  If you have misplaced your proxy, please contact our property manager.

We will review the operations of the HOA and elect board members for a 3 yr term.


Spring 2018 => click here => 2018_BHHOA_SPRING_Newsletter_FINAL.pub

2018 Annual Meeting Notice => 2018_BHHOA_Ann_Mtg_OFFICIAL_NOTICE_FINAL

Yard of the Month 2018

How about being rewarded for a beautiful home and lot?  That’s right.  We want to reward and recognize homeowners who maintain their home’s exterior and lot.  Your property is a visual asset to the neighborhood.

Submit a photo from the street of your exterior property, with a supporting paragraph describing why your home, or a home of a neighbor, should be recognized as the “Yard of the Month” for Bradford Hills.  Be sure to include the homeowner name, address, and your name and address (if nominating a neighbor).

Send your photos to YardOfTheMonth@BradfordHillsHomes.com

For complete details, see the announcement here => Y_o_t_M_2017_Final

Pothole Repair

Pothole Repair (separate reporting system depending on State/Federal road vs Metro Nashville Rd)

For state Highways (like Nolensville Rd)

To report a pothole for repair, contact the appropriate Region Office or email TDOT.Comments@tn.gov. Be sure to note the exact location including the route, mile marker, and any nearby cross streets or interchanges.  If you can safely take a photograph, that can be helpful.


Region 3 Maintenance
Nashville / Middle TN

For Metro Nashville (roads within our subdivision)
To report a pothole for repair, dial 311 or online at hub.nashville.gov. Be sure to note the exact street address and the nearest cross street.  If you can safely take a photograph, with a reference item (yardstick) in the photo, that can be helpful.

Residential Landlord Registration

In addition to the requirement for Homeowner/Landlords to provide complete information and contact information for themselves and their tenants to the HOA Property Manager & HOA Board, Landlords are required to Annually register their properties with Metro.  For your convenience, a link to that form is included on out Rental Policy page (at the bottom).

<click here: => Metro_Residential_Landlord_Registration>

How to be a Good Neighbor

From Metro Property Standards Code and Metro Zoning Code (insert in your property tax bill 2017/18)

  1.  High grass and weeds – grass and weeds can’t be over 12 inches high (BH CCRs restrict to maximum 8 inches high).
  2.  Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles – all vehicles have to run and have current tags.
  3.  Vehicles parked on the grass – all motor vehicles must be parked on a hard surface (asphalt, concrete, or gravel) [BH HOA limits parking to: in your driveway area or in your garage]
  4.  Unpermitted vehicle repair – major vehicle repair or repair for hire is not allowed on residential property.
  5.  Premises Identification – all properties must have the numerical address displayed on the building or on the mailbox.
  6.  Yard areas – open storage of junk, trash, debris, furniture items, old construction materials, automobile parts, tires, etc. is prohibited.
  7.  Dilapidated structure – all structures must be maintained to meet minimum Property Maintenance code requirements.
  8.  Fences – all fences must be made from materials designed for that purpose, be maintained in good condition and must meet the required height and setback requirements. [BH HOA has specific material allowed, location, minimum setback, and maximum height requirements].
  9.  Unpermitted business activity on residential property – unless the activity meets the requirements for a home occupation permit, business use of residential property is not allowed.
  10.  All Short Term Rental Properties (STRP) must have a valid permit before they can be advertised and rented.

Request Radar or Traffic Enforcement near my home

Q:  How do I request Police Radar or Traffic Enforcement near my home?

A:  The Traffic Division has responsibility for all of Davidson County.  You can call the traffic office at 615-862-7738.  The Patrol Precinct where you live also has authority and equipment to conduct such traffic enforcement.  You may call one or both of these offices.  Bradford Hills neighborhood is in the Midtown Hills precinct.  615-880-1411

Fall Newsletter & 2018 Dues Notice

The Fall newsletter was mailed via USPS this week (11/10) to homeowners. Included is your favorite notice, your 2018 annual dues notice. If you own in Bradford Hills and do not get your notice by Mon Nov 20, please contact Kim at his office email and ask for a copy to be sent (and verify your address with him).

If you need another copy of the Newsletter, or the Dues notice, they are found under the “Communications” tab on the website main page.

PS: If you live in another neighborhood, do not mail us a dues payment. We get several every year from people who live elsewhere (the wonders of social media).